Self motivation at workplace ppt

Employee Motivation. That's why we gathered some great tips from experts to help keep you and your team motivated, day in and day out. These tips aren't specific to any industry, and most of them are either low or no-cost.

They can be applied in small establishments, franchises, startups, and Fortune companies.

self motivation at workplace ppt

One of the most important factors that contribute to employee motivation is how often their hard work is recognized. After all, if an employee puts a lot of effort into a project to produce exceptional results but their hard work isn't recognized, why would they continue to be a high-performing employee?

Meghan M. Here's one of my favorite tips:. Treat employees as valued team members, not as numbers. We've all had projects that just drag on and on, and seem to never end. It can be really demoralizing to be stuck in a rut, which is why seeing how you've made visible progress feels so good. It's also a clear indicator that our work is making a difference.

We met with Walter Chen, co-founder of iDoneThis, who shared some great insights into the importance of clear goal setting and tracking progress. You can check out full the interview here. Setting clear, achievable goals provides a real boost of motivation each time one is conquered and keeps team on the right track.

You can magnify these effects by taking the next step and celebrating those achievements. This doesn't mean you need to give a standing ovation to every employee who made it to work on time, but it is crucial to let everyone know exactly how and how much much each of their contributions move the organization forward. Don't just tell Marie g ood job. Applaud her success and when you do, tie her to the greater picture. Negative emotions have their placeand some really good process or cultural changes can stem from having tough conversations.

It turns out that happiness and positivity play a greater role in the success of your business than you'd ever imagine. If you're not fully convinced yet, take a moment to view this hilarious and fascinating presentation by psychologist Shawn Achor, explaining why:. It's hard to stay focused and driven when you're hangry.In our competitive and fast-changing world motivation is a crucial factor. Additionally, if you will use an unconventional hand-drawn style instead of default shapes, your presentation will look more authentic and personal.

We wanted to create something easy to use and yet original looking.

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It contains some motivation theories and template for sharing practical hints on team motivation. The motivation training visuals toolbox contains the following graphics:. The classics of motivation theory. In the collection you will find 3 variants of the pyramid: as a sketched drawing of the whole shape, divided by 5 levels pyramid and versions with every level highlighted.

self motivation at workplace ppt

All elements are the vector shapes so you can change the color using standard PowerPoint color tools. We also created 5 different slides with each Maslow level physiological, safety, love and belongingness, esteem and self-actualization needs. The right leadership style will depend on the person or group being led. We illustrated them as a matrix, where you can highlight a level or several levels you need, like on the picture:.

Building a culture of motivation is a great way to keep your employees happy at work. The list of employee motivation techniques and tools can be endless. In our template, we added a simple layout for 2 groups: motivation and hygienic factors. When you want to show motivational actions and practical advice, illustrating them with hand drawn icons will make the slides appealing:.

If you have a longer presentation, a good practice is to use dividers — section slides separating particular training topics. If you like the graphics, all slides are available for download in the editable form on our infoDiagram webpage.

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You can use them also in other documents — eBooks, Excel sheets, also Keynote, Prezi and other tools.

For other tools CanvaPrezi. The collection contains various graphical elements for PowerPoint — icons, editable handwritten scribble diagrams.Personal Skills:. Subscribe to our FREE newsletter and start improving your life in just 5 minutes a day. The topic of self-motivation, however, is far from simple. People can be motivated by many things, both internal and external, such as desire to do something, love of someone, or need for money. Usually, motivation is a result of several factors.

The ability to motivate yourself—self-motivation—is an important skill. Self-motivation drives people to keep going even in the face of set-backs, to take up opportunities, and to show commitment to what they want to achieve.

This page explains more about this essential area, part of emotional intelligence. Motivation is what pushes us to achieve our goals, feel more fulfilled and improve our overall quality of life. Understanding and developing your self-motivation can help you to take control of many other aspects of your life. Motivation is one of the three areas of personal skills that are integral to the concept of emotional intelligence.

Self Motivation at Work

Daniel Goleman, the author of several seminal books on Emotional Intelligence, identified four elements that make up motivation:. Optimismthe ability to keep going and pursue goals in the face of setbacks.

This is also known as resilience. To improve self-motivation, it is therefore helpful to understand more about these individual elements. You could think of a personal drive to achieve as ambition, or perhaps personal empowerment. However, it is also worth thinking about it in terms of mindset.

Self Motivation PowerPoint PPT Presentations

Those with a fixed mindset believe that talent is ingrained, and that we cannot change our level of ability. Those with a growth mindset believe that they can improve their skills through hard work and effort.

Research shows that those who believe that they can improve—that is, who have a growth mindset —are far more likely to achieve in whatever sphere they choose.

A growth mindset is therefore an important element in a personal drive to succeed. Other elements of personal drive include being organisedparticularly being good at time managementand avoiding distractions. There is considerable evidence, even if much of it is anecdotal, that goal-setting is important to our general well-being. Having an awareness of where you wish to be, and an understanding of how you plan to get there, is a vital part of staying motivated.

Initiative is, effectively, the ability to take advantage of opportunities when they occur. It is all too easy to hesitate, and then the opportunity may be gone.

The importance of being self-motivated at work

It is also important to think things through and ensure that you are making the right decision for you.We all know what it feels like to lack motivation. Unfortunately, many people feel this way about their jobs, and it can have a negative impact on the company as a whole.

Learn what self-motivation looks like and how to foster it in your employees. This, in turn, is good for business.

self motivation at workplace ppt

Goals are often met or exceeded, employees are more engaged in their work, and new goals can be set. This increased engagement leads to higher employee retention, productivity, and sales. Psychology Today outlines two ways people motivate themselves :. The latter form of self-motivation, focused on goals and aspirations rather than fear and duty, results in higher levels of happiness, satisfaction, and confidence. So how can you help your employees self-motivate in a positive, productive way?

According to authors Kim Zoller and Kerry Preston, people are intrinsically motivated by three things :.

Creating a work environment that is conducive to self-motivation is important. But imagine if your new employees started out being self-motivated at work, even before you throw all those incentives and recognition their way. Let the expert advice and hiring tips from Monster Hiring Solutions help you find self-motivated employees who are ready to hit the ground running. Skip to main content. Sign In. Post A Job Find Candidates. The importance of being self-motivated at work. Related Articles: Advice for the first-time manager Seven Marketing Tactics for Business Success Employee morale boosters can save you money Managing emotions in the workplace How to fire an employee.Setting and achieving goals, clear expectations, recognition, feedback, as well as encouraging management all contribute to an increase in workplace motivation.

It flourishes in a positive work environment, which is why so many leaders want to learn new ways to motivate their workforce. Motivation is different for each of your employees.

Every employee has a different motivation for why they work. But we all work because we obtain something that we need from work. The something that we need that we obtain from work has an impact on our morale and motivation. Learning what employees want will help you formulate the next step when building motivation in the workplace. How can you help a co-worker or reporting staff member find motivation at work? You can create a work environment that provides the greatest possibility for employees to achieve individual or group goals.

A motivating work environment provides clear direction so that employees know what is expected of them. Hand-in-hand with clear direction, employees should have goals that fit within the company's strategic framework.

Motivation in the workplace ppt

People who have high self-esteem are more likely to continuously improve the work environment. They are willing to take intelligent risks because they have confidence in their ideas and their competence to take on new challenges while performing capably. They shine with motivation in your workplace. They work willingly on teams because they are confident about their ability to contribute. Self-esteem is a self-reinforcing characteristic. When you have confidence in your ability to think and act effectively, you can persevere when faced with difficult challenges.

Result: You succeed more often than you fail. You form more nourishing relationships. You expect more of life and of yourself. A motivating work environment enhances staff self-esteem.

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People feel like they are more, not less—more competent, more capable, more appreciated, more contributing. Employee recognition can increase motivation when it is offered and implemented effectively.In psychology, self-determination is an important concept that refers to each person's ability to make choices and manage their own life. This ability plays an important role in psychological health and well-being.

self motivation at workplace ppt

Self-determination allows people to feel that they have control over their choices and lives. It also has an impact on motivation—people feel more motivated to take action when they feel that what they do will have an effect on the outcome. The concept of self-determination has been applied to a wide variety of areas including education, work, parenting, exercise, and health. Research suggests that having high self-determination can fosters success in many different domains of life.

This theory suggests that people are able to become self-determined when their needs for competence, connection, and autonomy are fulfilled. The concept of intrinsic motivation, or engaging in activities for the inherent rewards of the behavior itself, plays an important role in self-determination theory.

Self-determination theory grew out of the work of psychologists Edward Deci and Richard Ryan, who first introduced their ideas in their book Self-Determination and Intrinsic Motivation in Human Behavior. They developed a theory of motivation which suggested that people tend to be driven by a need to grow and gain fulfillment.

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The need for growth drives behavior. The first assumption of self-determination theory is that people are actively directed toward growth. Gaining mastery over challenges and taking in new experiences are essential for developing a cohesive sense of self. Autonomous motivation is important. According to self-determination theory, people need to feel the following in order to achieve psychological growth:. Imagine a person who fails to complete an important project at work.

If this person is high in self-determination, they will admit their fault, believe that they can do something to fix the problem and take action to correct the mistake. If that same person was low in self-determination, they might instead look for other things that they can blame.

Self Motivation PowerPoint Presentation

They might make excuses, assign blame, or refuse to admit that their own role. Most importantly, perhaps, is that this person won't feel motivated to fix the mistake.

Instead, they might feel helpless to control the situation and believe that nothing that they do will have any real effect. It is important to realize that the psychological growth described by self-determination theory does not simply happen automatically. Ryan and Deci have suggested that the tendency to be either proactive or passive is largely influenced by the social conditions in which people are raised.

Social support is key. Through our relationships and interactions with others, we can either foster or thwart well-being and personal growth.

While social support is important, there are other factors that can also help or hinder the three elements needed for growth. While extrinsic and intrinsic motivation are often portrayed as separate and distinct, behavior is complex and people are rarely driven to act by a single source of motivation. People may often draw on multiple sources of motivation in the pursuit of a goal. If you are training to compete in a marathon, for example, you might be extrinsically motivated by a desire to gain approval from others as well as intrinsically motivated by the satisfaction you gain from the activity itself.

Rather than thinking of motivation as being driven by either extrinsic or intrinsic rewards, it is often helpful to view it as a continuum between self-determined and non-self-determined behaviors:.Read More. Tags : motivation self motivation tips self motivation quotes motivation tips how to motivate yourself tips for motivation plan for self motivation way to self motivation. Published on : Feb 01, Views : Downloads : Download Now.

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Self Motivation PowerPoint Presentation.

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